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Wilbur Smith, Attorney at Law
Licensed in Colorado and the United States District Court of Colorado.

The Firm

The firm is dedicated to providing personalized counsel and advice at the highest professional standards of integrity and dedication to our clients. The firm represents individuals rather than corporations or government agencies. The firm is focused upon the civil rights of individuals, and complex criminal matters, including matters relating to international criminal law.

 The Attorneys

Wil Smith (Wilbur C. Smith)

An attorney with over 30 years of international and national legal experience in criminal law and civil litigation, Mr. Smith’s professional emphasis is on civil rights, human rights, and international criminal law issues.  As a Legal Advisor to the Republic of Afghanistan, from 2011 through 2013, Mr. Smith worked with military units, diplomatic interests, and international organizations training the Afghanistan Judiciary, the Afghanistan National Police, and the Afghanistan Government, advising on International Law, Women’s Rights, Human Rights, and International Criminal law. In March 2015 and May 2016 traveled to Istanbul to mentor Middle Eastern criminal lawyers on the subject of international criminal law. Mr. Smith has served as a criminal defense attorney in state and federal courts for over 30 years. Additionally he has served as a labor and employment attorney as counsel to unions including the Teamsters Union, Laborers Union, and Union Trust Funds.

Mr. Smith provides clients charged in complex, multi-party cases in federal court. His clients are from all walks of life: teachers, contractors, laborers, law enforcement, corrections officers, veterans, professionals, immigrants, and the underprivileged. Mr. Smith’s is dedicated to enforcing rights to equality and justice under the rule of law.